Paper abstract

Paper Abstract: Adding project value through log-derived variable water saturation equation exponents application

Author: Michael Abe Stephen

Paper Abstract: Challenges and solutions for seismic imaging Block 37 Sub-Volcanic Areas

Author: Abdalla Ali Toum, Petrodar Operating Company

Paper Abstract: CWT Analysis to reduce geological risk of drilling opreationsCNLC, Beijing, China

Author: Abdul Kohar, Abdul Rashid,  Magid Abdu Magran,  Sudarmaji,  Budi Eka Nurcahya

Paper Abstract: High resolution processing

Author: Abeer A/Razig, Snr Processor,BPC

Paper Abstract: Palynofacies implications of Abu Gabra Formation, Neem Azrag area

Author: Emad Eldin Abdel Mahmoud Eltoum , Exploration Dept. , GNPOC

Paper Abstract: Performance of horizontal wells of Bentiu- 3B sandstone reservoir of Great Bamboo Field in view of very high viscosity of oil and profile of the horizontal wells – case study

Author: Kush Raj Keshari Singh and Elamin Suliman, Development Department, GNPOC Sudan.

Paper Abstract: Petrographic description of thin sections of calcrete nodules from Mala area, northwest of Thar Jath oil field, Block 5A, Central South Sudan

Author: Abu El hassan Musa Abdel Magid

Paper Abstract: Seismic Inversion Vs Geological Modeling

Author: Sami Mohamed Taha, WNPOC

Paper Abstract: The devlopment of conventional gas logging data interpretation method

Author: Yu Mingfa, China National Logging Corporation, Beijing, China, Han Zhiyong, China National Logging Corporation, Beijing, China

Paper Abstract: Water management- maximize your well potential

Author: Jiasheng Zhou, Jichao Chen.


Author: Michael Abe Stephen

Paper Abstract: Alluvial fans can be a good reservoir inside seal rock

Author: Melut Basin, Sudan

Paper Abstract: Application of nuclear Magnetic Resonanace (NMR) in Sudan

Author: Ahmad Majidi. Sclumberger Sudan, Ibrahim M. Hassan, WNPOC, Sudan

Paper Abstract: Challenging Water Shut off Project Utilizing Multiple Approaches Case Studies

Author: Abdelmajed Mansour Abdelmajed, PE Dept. PDOC

Paper Abstract: Low Resistivity Low Contrast – A Systematic Evaluation Methodology

Author: Awad El Geed PDOC, Widaa Widaatalla PDOC, Bahar Bakheet PDOC, Ibrahim M. Hassan WNOPC

Paper Abstract: Sonic Scanner “a tool for basement exploration”

Author: Sharaf Khan, Elhadi Abusin and Eman Khalifa, Schlumberger, Sudan

Paper Abstract: Summary of Remaining Oil Saturation Study at the Development Stage

Author: Lin Chunzeng, Li Ming, Reela, China National Logging Corporation, Beijing, China

Paper Abstract” Water shut off, Excess Water production Methodologies for Diagnose

Author: Fahmi Abdalla, GNPOC

Paper Abstract: What You “See” is What You Get – Openhole Sampling with MDT in Sudan

Author: Jichao Chen, Schlumberger, Sudan

Paper Abstract: Basin modeling technique value In South Melut Sub Basin

Author: Mustafa Salih Hassan Ombabi, PDOC

Paper Abstract: Depositional Environment and Reservoir Heterogeneity of Bentiu Formation (Albian-Cenomanian), Muglad Rift Basin

Author: Ayad M. Idriss, Osman M. Abdullatif, Omer A. Ali

Paper Abstract: Early Cretaceous to Neogene palynofacies and attendant depositional trends, Canar, Haraz, Suttaib and Zabia area, Muglad Basin, Sudan.

Author: Omer Babiker A. Rahim, Dr. Awad Ibrahim Bab Elkheir Ibrahim, Shaa Eldin Hassan Mohammed Ahmed, Centarl Petroleum Laboratories (CPL)

Paper Abstract: Fault Seal Analysis in downthrown fault block prospects, North Melut Sub Basin, Sudan

Author: Izzeldin Zaroug, Petrodar Operating Company, Khartoum, Sudan

Paper Abstract: Fluvial to lacustrine facies characterisation using wireline logs.

Author: Le Guerroué E., Roussé S., Murat B., Letouzey P. C. Byrne, T. Abbas, M. Hamid

Paper Abstract: Geochemical Correlation of oils and Source Rocks from Melut basin – Sudan

Author: Hiba A. Mahgoub , Awad B. Ibrahim , Awang J. Sapawi , Hisham G.A. Lutfi

Paper Abstract: Mud Logging Gas Data Utilization Better Definition of Reservoir Parameters

Author: Mohammed Hassan Abdalla, Rania Ibrahim Abdel Basit

Paper Abstract: Paleoecological significance of newly discovered trace fossils near Gedaref town, eastern Sudan

Author: Ali Eisawi, Ibrahim A.A. Babikir, Khalaf Allah O.Salih, Faculty of Petroleum & minerals, Al Neelain University, Khartoum-Sudan

Paper Abstract: Performance of horizontal wells of Bentiu-3B sandstone reservoir of Greater Bamboo Field (Block-2, Sudan) in view of very high viscosity of oil and profile of the horizontal wells – case study

Author: Kush Raj Keshari Singh and Elamin Suliman, GNPOC Sudan